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Improv-Comedy Group 'Without a Net' Finally Gets Funding for a Net


Photo by Andrew Skudder / CC BY-SA 2.0

Penn’s improv group "Without a Net" might soon be needing a new name, as they have finally received the funds necessary for their very own net. While today the group is known for performing improv comedy, Without a Net was originally founded in the 80s as an advocacy group dedicated to the safety of window-washers around campus, who were never supplied nets.

"When fundraising, we never said no," said Net alum Sam Elrod (C '14). "Every idea was met with 'Yes, and...'" 

Not all events were successful, however, such as last semester’s Kickstarter campaign. The group did not request a specific donation amount, instead asking donors to yell out suggestions. Group members were not sure how to react when someone suggested donating "YOUR MOM!"

This year, the group considered submitting a proposal to the Student Activities Council (SAC), but instead reached out to President Gutmann’s office directly, whose New York-based branch completed the request within only a matter of hours. Said a Net representative, "It was actually very easy to get money from the University—we just told them we needed it to build a new college house."