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Ok Boomer! Mom Likes Those ‘Little Tik Tok Videos’

Photo by Grace Ginsburg/The Daily Pennsylvanian

After an evening of making the case for why Elizabeth Warren could never win the Democratic nomination and using her phone flashlight to see the menu in a restaurant, Stephanie’s mom reached peak Boomer status. 

“I just really like those little Tik Tok videos!” Mrs. Bernstein claimed with her reading glasses on the bridge of her nose. 

“Look at them lip sync to these songs! This song is pretty good – is this that rapper? Oh… why can’t I remember his name? The one with the funny hair. No... not the one named after M & M's... Oh yes! Little Wayne! Wow! They even change outfits so fast in this video! How do they do that? And so professionally edited, too? This is just fantastic. They must have a whole crew helping them out with these little videos! How do I put this onto my Instagram stories? Also, what's an Instagram story?”