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Jessica Looks Under Table Passive Aggressively, Oblivious Classmate Continues to Tap Stupid Foot


Photo by Jett Brooks / CC BY 2.0

 In any sort of relationship, communication is key. This is why Jessica chose to look passive-aggressively under the table one fine Friday morning in recitation last week.

“My stupid neighbor has a stupid foot, and they kept tapping it. So, of course, I looked under the table.” Sources say Jessica really shoved her whole head under there. 

Said one classmate, "Jessica was all like 'WOW, HMM, WHAT IS MAKING THAT ODD NOISE? I AM SO PERPLEXED.' It was a polite yet effective gesture."

Effective, that is, for anyone who was even remotely aware of social cues. Unfortunately, sources also say that Jessica’s classmate did not fall into this category. She just kept on tapping. Some say, she taps to this very day.