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Here’s the Secret-Menu Class That Counts for Every Requirement BAbeyyyyyy


Photo by Shoshi Wintman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Hey funky ladies. You thought classes could only double count? Nah-uh, sweet face. That’s what they want you to think. Here’s the one class that quattuordecuple counts for all 14 of those foundational requirements and sector requirements.

This class is a writing seminar taught by a Russian man whose specialty is in quantum physics. In this class, students will analyze how multivariable calculus is viewed in “other cultures,” such as India and urban America. As far as Penn’s concerned, those areas are foreign enough to be “cross-cultural.” Students will deepen their understanding of theory by learning multivariable calculus. Students then practically apply these concepts in an experimental study that uses convoluted Excel spreadsheets to better understand education patterns around the world. 

For the final, students will make an art project in a medium of their choice, preferably textiles, focusing on the geological applications of multivariable calculus through a sociological and biological framework. This class will then fulfill the Interdisciplinary Humanities & Social Science sector requirement, whatever the fuck that means.

For this interdisciplinary class, students will design their own curriculum, drawing from any area of interest that they can conceive of while just barely taking a college class.

This class will only be taught in Spanish at a 140 level.