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New Wharton Class Requirement: 'How to Avoid Conspiring with Foreign Leaders Against American Democracy, Just in Case'


Photo by Cindy Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

To the dismay of Wharton students, the administration has just added an additional required class for all Wharton undergrads. How to Avoid Conspiring With Foreign Leaders Against American Democracy, or BEPP-650, will be taken by all students during their senior year. Professor Andrew Bui will be teaching the first iteration of the course starting next semester.

Current Wharton seniors have expressed annoyance at the announcement because of the lack of time to factor the class into their planning. Several students have started petitions asking the administration not to institute the requirement for the current year, but officials have not been moved.

“We understand the concerns of the students,” a representative of Wharton dean Geoffrey Garrett said, “but unfortunately there were some events that were outside of our control, which events have revealed the necessity of this class. We simply can’t afford to wait for the class of 2021 to start instituting this requirement.”

President Gutmann has not responded to our request for comment.