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Guest Column by Nation’s Jewish Mothers | My Kid Should Be on SNL


Photo from Jewish Women's Archive / CC BY-SA 2.0

Last night at dinner, I was having my son Daniel reenact bits by my favorite stand-up comedians, and let me tell you: he was a riot. He performs them perfectly, just like Jerry Seinfeld. Daniel's grandmother and I could not stop laughing! 

Daniel has to be on Saturday Night Live. He is funny, handsome, and calls his mother every week. I may say this about all my kids, but this time I mean it: Daniel is something special.

SNL is perfect for Daniel. He reminds me of Al Franken. Whatever happened to Al Franken, anyway? He was so handsome.

Daniel wants to be a doctor, and that's amazing. He could be the first doctor-comedian. Daniel is also funnier than most of the current cast. I didn't like that Pete Davidson, with his hoodies and sad face. Too many tattoos for my taste.

Saturday Night Live needs my Daniel to save their show. If he isn't already the first doctor-president or doctor-lawyer, he'll be a star.