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22-Year-Old Becca Proudly Adding McKinsey’s 'Concentration Camp Team' to LinkedIn


Photo by usicegov / CC PDM 1.0 

With a single click and a sly smirk, 22-year-old, recent college graduate, Becca Lindenberg, finally got around to updating her LinkedIn profile. Now, everyone would know Becca is a full-time analyst working on McKinsey’s Concentration Camp Efficiency team, helping ICE detain migrant families in the cruelest ways possible.

Becca prides herself as a quirky “not like the other girls” personality on a distinct mission to make the banality of evil a little less banal. 

“People sometimes become such stick-in-the-muds once they start working corporate jobs,” said Lindenberg. “I try and keep things kind of exciting. Yesterday I got a side boob tattoo just to keep things spicy. Life can get a bit dry when you’re writing proposals to take medical care away from vulnerable children.” 

Becca had waited to update her LinkedIn until well after graduation as to be considerate to all of her peers that couldn’t snag as sick of a job as she had. She was excited for all of the praise that would come from the announcement of her elite role working for a corporation that has proven, time and again, they have lost all semblance of humanity. 

With her quick little update, she’d shown all of the finance bros in her senior year classes who really was the best and brightest — by working to starve migrant children. 

Yes, after several grueling rounds of interviews last spring, Becca has the distinct honor of applying her intellect and creativity to making the world just a bit more of an awful shithole.

“What more can I ask for?” said Becca, absolutely glowing.