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Three Things You Can Do Instead of Greek Life


Photo by Eli Duke / CC by SA 2.0

It’s rushing season and many freshmen and sophomores are debating whether they should join Greek life. If you’re a guy there are a lot of upsides to joining a fraternity: the social connections, the parties, friends to cover up your sexual misconducts, etc. Similarly, sororities offer great excuses to get any tongue tattoos or stupid thing you want in the name of sisterhood. But I’m here to provide three alternatives to Greek life. 

  1. One of the most fun things non-Greek life students can do is listen to your friends talk about Greek life. You can hear not just how awful their night rushing was, but also you can hear them explain to you how the details are secret. This puts you in a great position where you get to hear non-stop about rush stories while also being unable to visualize any of it. 
  2. You don’t need parties to have fun. For example, one great way to pass the time is to watch paint dry. Watching paint dry has often been given a bad reputation, but that is just “Big Beer” and the fraternity-industrial complex talking. Watching paint dry is one of the most fulfilling and wonderful ways anyone can spend their time. 
  3. It is a little known fact that Penn also offers classes outside of the party scene. These classes offer an array of subjects and are broken down into four different schools. Once a student picks their fraternity or sorority, they can also sign up for classes on a website called PennIntouch. These classes are a great way not only to make friends but also to learn something new.