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BREAKING: Andrew Yang Secures Huge Endorsement From Guy in My Poli Sci Lecture


Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 

The Democratic Primary just got even crazier.

In a highly awaited endorsement announcement, Luke from my Poly Sci 100 lecture has announced his support for Andrew Yang's 2020 presidential campaign. In a 3-minute speech viewed by hundreds in College Hall 200, as well as an impatient professor, Luke walked the entire class through his thought process and rationale for this decision.

"I just think he's refreshing, you know," noted Luke. "The freedom dividend is a cool idea too, because of something to do with the middle class and jobs and robots, I think. Oh also it would be nice to have $1,000 every month to fuel my unhealthy Halal addiction."

This announcement from Luke came following months of thorough research and analysis, as Luke read brief Vox articles on every candidate and watched snippets of the debate, as recreated by Saturday Night Live. 

The #YangGang campaign is also thrilled to have Luke's endorsement. In a private press release to UTB, they noted: "We are thrilled to have Donor #124408 onboard in our 2020 campaign! This is a grassroots movement, and every $15 t-shirt purchase counts!"

All other Democratic primary candidates declined to comment on the matter, though we can only imagine the shock they are feeling from this enormous political development.