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Holiday Lights Outside of Frat Bring Festive Mood to The Sexual Misconduct Currently Happening


Photo by JillWellington / Pixabay License 

Although the holidays may have ended a few weeks ago, many fraternities on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus have elected to keep their lights up outside their homes throughout the coming winter. Every student at Penn, including the brothers of Theta Apple Pi, seemingly struggles with the shroud of eternal darkness brought by winter. 

The strings of lights that decorate frat houses bring a light-hearted cheer to the otherwise mundane activities made significantly less pleasant by the absence of sunlight. These activities include doing homework, cooking daily meals, and most importantly for the brothers of Theta Apple Pi, feeling a sense of entitlement to the bodies of the women that attend their functions. 

Sure, it might be unpleasant for the women of this university to feel unsafe in the spaces that undeniably dominate this campus’ social scene, but at least there are some pretty lights outside. Yea, it would be nice for Bennett to understand the concept of personal space and boundaries, but he was probably too busy setting up the lights to realize how his actions make women uncomfortable.