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The Results Are In! The Hottest Pets on Campus Are a Loose Rat and a Box of Bugs


Photo (with edits) by Danny Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian,  Mike Hazzledine / CC BY 2.0 

After a campus wide poll, Under the Button Dot Com is proud to announce that this year’s most popular pets are a loose rat and a box of bugs. These trendy pets come with many benefits and are relatively easy to take care of—the perfect pet for any busy college student. The more one researches these cuddly cuties, the more one understands why so many students on campus are adding a loose rat and a box of bugs to their home.

Students on this campus are no stranger to a rat here and there, so there’s no surprise that this lovable creature is one of the most popular pets on campus. Nursing junior Juliana Bush loves her pet rat Anastasia. “Having a pet rat has brought me immense joy. There is nothing like it! Anastasia brings such a calming and loving energy to my apartment.” 

With a loose rat in her apartment there’s no way the place will ever fail a vibe check again.

“The best part about having Anastasia is when she brings her friends around! Sometimes I will open my apartment door and there will be 40-50 rats swarming around on the floor. It’s so nice after a long day of studying to be able to just lay on my floor and let the rats engulf me.” says Bush. 

College sophomore Mark Nguyen stands by the benefits of having a box of bugs in his house, too. “There’s nothing like it. I was skeptical at first too, but when I think about it—his house wasn’t a home until I brought a cardboard box full of bugs into the space.”

“A box of bugs is the difference between your house being where you sleep and a warm and inviting home. When I’m with my box of bugs—I’m home.” Nguyen said with tears in his eyes. After hearing from these students, it seems that adding a loose rat and a box of bugs to your home is a no–brainer, and we encourage all of our readers to procure these sacred creations for themselves.