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Old Man in Pottruck Locker Room Definitely Staying Naked for Longer than Necessary


Photo by Franzl61 (with edits by Jonah Weinbaum) / CC 3.0

An old-ass dude in the Pottruck locker room is staying fully naked for way longer than anyone should reasonably have to.

The man, who was previously seen coming dangerously close to having a heart attack playing basketball, appears to have taken all his clothes off before staring at the locker room entrance for around ten minutes. 

Witnesses say he doesn’t even have a change of clothes and is not planning on showering. 

The naked old man, who said his name is Harold but declined to give his last name, said his behavior made complete sense. 

“Once you reach seventy years old, you start to lose some energy,” he said. “One way to get some of it back is to absorb some kids’ youthfulness through your bare skin. That’s why old guys like me are always standing naked in locker rooms.” 

While Under the Button cannot confirm the veracity of Harold’s statement, it would certainly explain a lot about why old guys are always naked in the gym locker room.