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‘Rush is Just About Personality Fit!’ Says Rich Hot Friend


Photo by Caroline Curran / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Panhellenic recruitment is underway this week, meaning that hundreds of hopeful freshmen are vying for membership in one of Penn’s eight on-campus sororities. Over the course of the week, members of sororities will meet and judge the masses according to how well women fit into their sororities’ target standards, which are neither arbitrary nor superficial. 

Aimee Brooks (W ’23), a freshman who hails from Chelsea, Manhattan and identifies as “old money,” is under the impression that this system is ultimately fair and unbiased. Brooks, who also identifies as “hot,” really believes that the assessments made in five-minute conversations represent an authentic understanding of one’s personality and suitability for membership in a particular sorority. 

“It’s really about personality fit,” Brooks said. “I’m confident that everyone — but especially me — will end up where they belong.”

Brooks explained how she carefully planned her outfits and conversation topics to express her personality in the clearest manner possible. Outfitted in black booties and armed with multiple Cartier bracelets, Brooks is sure her genuine self will shine through and impress sorority women. When she walks into a chapter house at the beginning of each round, she expressed that she “really wants to make sure [her] personality comes across.”

When asked to comment, Panhellenic recruitment spokeswoman Suzanne Park (C’21) reiterated the importance of personality fit. She emphasized that the most salient qualities assessed and quantified during recruitment are “spunk” and “spirit.” 

“There’s just a certain indescribable feeling that I think everyone understands,” Park said. “That’s what we’re judging — a certain je ne sais quoi, which we measure on a 1-to-7 scale for all 600 women rushing this year.”