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Yes! 40 Year Old Man Thinks You’re Hot


Photo from pxfuel / CC0 BY 2.0

Faith in humanity restored. You’ve been feeling sort of down on yourself lately and you really needed something to boost your confidence. And wouldn’t you know, this balding 40-something-year-old man was just the guy to make that happen. All it took was him quickly looking you up and down as he got out of the elevator, holding the door open for you to get in, and then simply saying “Hot!” before allowing the elevator to start closing.

That kind, selfless man did not even realize how much this meant to you. As the elevator doors closed, a feeling started spreading through your body. Was it the feeling of being violated? No! It was the feeling of being flattered. You’ve been waiting your whole life for a forty-something-year-old man to finally notice your body. And it happened at the moment you needed it the most.

As you left the elevator, you felt like you were walking a little taller than before. You know that whenever you’re feeling down on yourself in the future, you’ll just remember the wonderful kindness of a stranger from today.