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Breaking! Bethany’s Break Was “Soooo goood omgosh how was yours?? How are youu!?”


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Walking to class Thursday morning, Jessica saw Bethany for the first time this year. The two girls were walking on Locust when they made eye contact, lost eye contact, and then accidentally made eye contact again. Sources say the two girls, previously donning a Penn face apiece, perked up like freshly wound automatons. Needless to say, ecstatic small talk ensued.

“Oh my gosh, Jessica!!!?? Is that you? How are you how was your break!?” Bethany, who reportedly spent two weeks of her break crying over her GPA and the third week avoiding discussing her GPA with her family, replied “Oh my gosh, girl! You look so cute! My break was great. So good. How are you?”

Jessica replied, “OMG same! Break was soo good! How are you??”

The two girls went on to exchange class schedules which they each promptly forgot. Finally, they said the customary “Let’s get coffee sometime!” and went their separate ways to class. They did not have each other’s numbers. Both were late for class, sources say.