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OP-ED: Caution, Bus is Turning

Photo (with edits) by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Caution, bus is turning.

Yes, this bus. Turning now. Right now. 

Yes you, also in the street right now. This bus is also turning now. 

No, don’t stop to tie your shoe in the middle of the street. Did you even hear me? This bus is turning. 

Do you see this bus? See how many wheels there are? It takes a while for this bus to turn, O.K.? This is not the time to stop and tie your shoe—or even to be on the sidewalk while this bus is turning.  

Cause guess what? This baby knocks out everything even remotely near it when she turns.

Hey, at least I warned you. Better get Velcro next time. Zoom zoom. Turny turn goes the zoomy bus bus.