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4 Date Night Date Options That Are All Just You Making Out With Your Gay Friend


Photo by Tony Armstrong / CC BY-SA 2.0

You have a date night this Thursday, and, as always, you are totally freaking out about who to bring! No worries — UTB has you covered with this list of four handsome date ideas that you will totally ignore when you decide to DFMO your gay friend instead. 

1. Alex

Alex is definitely a top contender. A frat boy, lacrosse player, and Wharton student, he is the vanilla date night model. Vanilla means safe, we aren't trying to go too crazy this date night. We just need someone who is going to look good in pictures and not upstage you. Alex is also the type to spend a lot of time going to the bar and the bathroom, giving you ample time to lock lips with that gay friend of yours. So fun!

2. Chris

You met Chris at Smoke's this Friday and drunkenly asked him to come to your date night. You don't really want to take him, but not to worry — it'll be like he isn't even there because you'll be macking on your GBF!

3. Jonathan

Hailing from the U.K., Jonathan is charming and has a very pleasant accent, but not as pleasant as your gay friend's cute little lisp. Are we allowed to say that? No, no, I think that checks out. Call that glitter-covered boy over — he is your prop tonight. 

4. Your gay friend

Just cut to the chase and take him! And no, he doesn't get a name. This night is about you, girl!