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Google Campus Recruiters Highlight Partnership With Raytheon Developing Autonomous, Child-Seeking Missiles


Photo by Ian Burt / CC BY-SA 2.0

As the second semester continues on into its second month, students trying to get ahead of the curve are already looking for gainful employment next summer. Goldman Sachs may be the gold standard for our friends in finance,  but everyone knows a CIS wizard vying for a spot at one of the companies slowly but surely managing the world’s descent into a Kafkaesque state of constant surveillance. 

When they’re not busy avoiding regulatory scrutiny, each company will highlight various initiatives in an attempt to woo the country’s best and brightest minds. This year, Google unveiled a new partnership with an arms manufacturer developing autonomous missiles that specifically target the heat signatures emitted by children. 

Packaged as part of a broader initiative aimed at deepening ties between the Pentagon and Google, campus recruiters are seeking to appeal to Penn students’ sense of patriotic duty, unaware they have none. Nevertheless, Penn students do care about money, something that this position will supply in abundance.