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Most Awkward Interaction of All Time Not Your Fault at All You Smooth, Sexy, Free-spirit, Phoenix


Photo by Shoshi Wintman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Reports are in that the incredibly awkward, and borderline traumatic, interaction you just had with a friend of a friend was not your fault at all you free spirit phoenix.

Despite internal feelings that you were, “very weird,” and, “couldn’t stop talking,” you actually appeared as a graceful debutant, making the person you interacted with incredibly nervous, embarrassed, and even ashamed to be in your presence.

You, boss bitch queen, weren’t sweating at all, and definitely didn’t appear out of it or confused. Observers on the scene were concerned about how weird the person you were talking to seemed. That’s why you felt uncomfortable you quirky, graceful, fucking hot ass, butterfly.

The interaction comes just days after you met this person for the first time at a friend’s party, wherein you immediately overshared and treated them as a close confidant. As the alcohol has worn off, and days have passed, you’ve come to the realization that, by all accounts, you two do not know each other. This, however, has nothing to do with the weird interaction you just experienced, because that was all them and not your fault at all.

So, go with grace you sweet and powerful chinchilla! It’s not you, it's them.