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Meet the New Club Changing Things up at Penn: PennPercs


Photo by AdinaVoicu / CC0

Every year, the world’s best and brightest minds set their hopeful sights on a coveted spot in the University of Pennsylvania’s freshmen class. Among numerous other reasons, the plethora of student groups centered around common interests and activities are a key attraction for this youthful cohort. 

However, after surveying the landscape, College sophomore Todd Sanders noticed a niche “just waiting to be filled.” A club centered around the recreational consumption of the popular drug Percocet, known in common vernacular simply as “percs.” Thus, the idea for PennPercs was born.

Sanders says he found the toxic preprofessional and complementary ethos of competitive individualism that dominated previous clubs to be both grueling and ultimately unproductive. He had yet to find a community that celebrated one of his key interests, Percocet.

“I think I was just like anyone else, looking for a community of people that shared a common hobby,” Sanders said of the club’s beginning. 

Popularized by its many references in today’s culture, such as Future’s hit song “Mask Off,” Sanders says that there was a latent interest in an organization of this kind among Penn’s diverse student body. “I really could not have expected such a groundswell in support and interest,” Sanders added, seemingly holding back tears. 

In a school often singularly focused on chasing prestigious internships and post-graduate job offers, a club providing an avenue for students to let loose with some harmless fun is definitely a breath of fresh air.