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"Do You Want to Join Our Rodin Suite?" Asks Roommate Who Can't Count Above 4


Photo by Micah Drushal / CC BY 2.0

Excited about living with friends for the first time, Engineering freshman Henri Zheng has taken the opportunity to invite all his friends to live in his Rodin suite.

Despite him and his three closest friends agreeing agreeing in December that they would live together in a Rodin quad, Zheng has asked more people to join his completely full suite.

For Zheng's friends, this was nothing knew. Zheng has struggled with a counting problem ever since he was a boy.

“Math was extremely hard for me when I was younger,” said Zheng. “Any number past four was just a blur for me. But recently, I've been slowly getting better at counting, thanks to my amazing professors at Penn.

Despite his efforts to improve his counting skills, Zheng has asked another three people to join the Rodin suite, even though the legal maximum of occupants in a suite is four. 

“They are all my friends and I want to live with them,” said Zheng about his situation. “And we will all fit in the suite too. I know three is bigger than four, so two threes should be bigger than three. Four is bigger than three, so the math works out.”

Zheng has not informed either group of three about the existence of the other group of three. “I’m sure they’ll get along,” said Zheng. “Besides, cars have more than four tires, and cars work fine.”

Zheng is a mechanical engineer on the Penn Electric Racing team. 

“I guarantee you cars have five tires,” said Zheng. “Two in the front, two in the back — that's five tires."