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Penn Student Body Wins 'Best Professor' Award


Photo by Katharine Cocherlclose / The Daily Pennsylvanian

A recent study by US News Report of American universities gave the “Best Professor” award to the Penn student body.

In a statement to the University, President Amy Gutmann said, “I’m so proud of my profess– I mean students– for winning this prestigious award. Penn is known for being a vibrant and rigorous academic atmosphere, with top tier researchers and the best student self-teachers in the world.”

“After going to class and having the professor put me to sleep, I go back to my dorm and teach myself,” said Engineering senior Frank Massy. “After doing this for four years, I consider myself one of the best self-teachers or professors on campus.”

Some Penn students even strive to be TAs for the benefit of other students. 

“Freshman year, I never learned anything from the professors,” said Chemistry teaching assistant Ronnie Sphere. “So, I took it upon myself to become a TA to teach chemistry to freshman.”

Currently, Sphere is considered one of the best TAs.

“Aside from myself, Ronnie is the best teacher I know,” said frequent self-teaching College sophomore Ryan Cox. “Sometimes I wish he’d coup the professor.”