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Sad! This Senior Missed the Deadline to Add Friends


Photo (with edits) by The Daily Pennsylvanian

So close! Senior Amanda Homstaller (E ‘20) was just about ready to roll out her newly designed personality in order to make some new friends when she realized the deadline to add new friends had passed without her realizing.

Homstaller had been working on her new personality for months ever since she decided that her old friends just weren’t cutting it. She’d changed up her look, came up with new stories to tell about herself, and started dropping her old friends one by one. She needed to drop all her old friends before she could add the new ones because they just wouldn’t fit together. Unfortunately, as well-intentioned as her plan was, it was doomed to fail. Homstaller was not paying enough attention to the add deadline and ended up dropping all of her friends just before the deadline passed.

Homstaller has been trying to regain some of her old friendships, only to find out that her spot in their lives was already filled. With few options left, Homstaller has been forced to reach out to her parents on a more regular basis, but she suspects that even they are growing weary of her. Homstaller hopes that she can throw herself into her studies in order to stay busy for her last semester at Penn. She’d also like to know what we’re up to later. Sorry, we’re busy, but we appreciate the offer.