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Senior Moving to NYC to Pursue Career in Melancholy Walks in Crowded Places

Photo by Elizabeth Beugg / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Following her May graduation from Penn, College senior Emily Holtman will be moving to New York City to follow her dreams. From sunrise to sunset, Holtman will wistfully walk the busy streets of Manhattan. Alone. 

She will stop for a coffee once, maybe twice. If she grows weary, she will rest on a bench in a public green space. “I will compile a playlist of only three songs — ‘Geyser’ by Mitski, ‘20 Something’ by SZA, and ‘Fallingwater’ by Maggie Rogers. All other music will come from the soundtrack of ‘Ladybird’ and ‘Ladybird’ only,” Holtman explained. 

In her time at Penn, Holtman has made a point to hone in on skills that will allow her to thrive in her chosen career path. Currently, Holtman walks twice daily in Woodland Cemetery — one traverse at dusk and one at dawn. She has been known to walk mournfully down Locust, a single tear trickling down her otherwise stoic face. 

Friends of Holtman have expressed concern for her risky career move. “I’m not going to lie,” said College senior Riley Waters, “this seems like a bad idea to me. There is very, very little money in aimlessly wandering the streets of New York. I, on the other hand, will be pursuing a career in screenwriting, which is much more stable and lucrative.”

Holtman remains steadfast in her plans. “There is nothing more rewarding to me than facing a sea of strangers, submerged in my own despair, each passerby another missed connection. I am but a single cell in the pulsating body of man. Avert your gaze, or know my sorrow.” 

Holtman will move into her loft in the East Village on June 1st.