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Penn Regular Admission Sees Stand-Out Class, Mainly My Little Sister


Photo from Pikrepo / CC0 1.0

This year, Penn saw a well-rounded, diverse regular admissions pool that hailed from all over the globe. However, the admissions committee agreed that the real stand out of this pool was my little sister, Main Line resident and an all-around pretty good student Elizabeth Joseph.

Joseph, a high school student with an average 5k time, is one of ten top students in her 80-person private school class. On top of that, she did research at Penn—and not even for a family friend. 

She showed a demonstrated love for Penn in her essays so detailed it was almost as if she was currently attending the University herself. 

I for one know that she would fit in perfectly on campus, namely in the following organizations:

  1. My sorority
  2. My consulting club
  3. My junior year internship
  4. The house I am passing down
  5. And the cross country team

Yes, everyone agrees that Elizabeth Joseph from the Main Line would make an excellent addition to the Penn community. If any admissions officers have any questions about how great a student Elizabeth Joseph is, please reach out to me at natjos@wharton.upenn.edu; I would love to take you out to lunch and address any of your concerns about this star applicant.