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Jazz&Grooves Scrambling for New Act After 7 Gecs Escape


Photo (with edits by Caroline Curran) by Chiway / CC BY-NC 2.0

Jazz&Grooves, the division of SPEC that endeavors to introduce students to up-and-coming musical talents, is desperate to find a replacement act for their upcoming event. The concert, scheduled to take place this Thursday at the Rotunda, was supposed to feature the genre-defying duo 100 gecs as its principal act. Now, however, insiders are reporting that due to some unforeseen challenges with travel, seven of the gecs have gone missing. 

“You can’t really have 100 gecs if seven are missing," Jazz&Grooves member Kyle Whiting (W'21) explained. "That would be, like, 93 gecs. No one paid to see 93 gecs.”

Reports indicate that the gecs went missing due to a lack of supervision, which ultimately led to the gecs escaping their enclosure during an unexpected travel delay. Usually management oversees the care of the gecs, but the manager had a family emergency yesterday and now it’s a whole thing—we can’t get into it right now.

Jazz&Grooves posted in the Facebook event alerting concertgoers of the mishap. Addressing the message to  “you little piss babies,” the post detailed the predicament, assuring ticket holders that every possible measure is being taken to reunite the missing gecs with their ninety-three counterparts. Jazz&Grooves noted that the search has been challenging due to a lack of clarity on what a gec looks like or even is.

Some students expressed disappointment at the potential cancellation of the event. 

“I was really looking forward to this event because no one ever wants to listen to 100 gecs with me,” said concert hopeful Jillian Roy (N'20). She explained that she rarely gets to enjoy 100 gecs in public, due to her friends’ distaste for the music. “When I get the aux everyone is like, ‘Please don’t play those noises’ and ‘Did a human make this?’”