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Ay Bruv! British Student Finds Her Weekend to Be ‘Quite Nice’


Photo by emmma peel / CC BY-SA 2.0

British exchange student Jessica Cannon had a “top drawer” weekend. “Lit rally had the time of my lyfe. Last night was a film luv.” said Cannon. “I quite liked it.”

“Me and my friends really gave it a go this weekend.” Cannon and her friends started the weekend with a lovely afternoon tea — like all British students no matter where they are in the world.

“After tea we eaded back to ma flat for a pre” said Cannon. “It reminded me of when I was a fresher — how wild we got.”

After heading to the city, the fun continued for Cannon and her gang of Brits. “I was talking to this lad — he was quite fit. Very fit.”

“I knew he had his lookers on me when he came up to me and asked, ‘can we have a chat?’” Cannon said. She really had a “splendid” time getting to know the lad.

“It was quite cracker — I really enjoyed it. He even let me bum a fag, if you will,” said Cannon.

As Cannon headed back to campus on SEPTA (or “the tube” as she calls it) she had nothing but lovely things to say about her weekend. “It was great — it was great, we had a lovely cheeky time.”