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Penn Dining Now Takes Drexel Dining Dollars: Just Like Everywhere Else


Photo by Annie Luo / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In response to the increasing dissatisfaction with the dining options on campus and the declining number of students on dining plans, the University of Pennsylvania has just announced that beginning next semester, all dining halls will now accept Drexel Dining Dollars. Penn students will still be able to pay using meal swipes and dining dollars, but each transaction will incur an additional 10% surcharge.

“Well, Shake Shack and Wawa have been doing it for a while now and so have many other places around campus, so we figured it would only make sense to adapt our dining halls as well. We must work as a team to fulfill the needs of all students, on and around our campus. Also, I mean, DragonDollars just sounds so much cooler than Penn Dining Dollars and PennCash," said Penn’s head of dining, Dan Dinero, in an official University-wide letter.

It has been reported that Houston Hall, as well as Insomnia Cookies, will also accept DragonDollars and that Drexel students will be given a 20% discount. Additionally, all food carts on campus will be barred from serving students with Penn IDs.

When asked if perhaps the university could do something to make dining plans more affordable or to improve the number of dining options for Penn students, the University declined to respond, citing the inability to hear concerns over the sound of money pouring in from freshman dining plans.