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Embarrassing: Student Tries to Submit Question on Pizza


Photo (with edits) by Scott Bauer / CC0; Lordalpha1 / CC BY 2.5; Ian Ong / CC0

Okay, this is awkward. Lillian Mason (C ‘22) appears to have mistaken the popular educational web service Piazza for a savory Italian dish.

“My professor keeps going on and on about the class pizza in lecture,” Mason explained. “I just knew I had to check it out to see what all the hype was about.”

Rather than ask the instructor-moderated message board for personalized help on her environmental science homework, Mason reportedly orders a full-size supreme pizza every time she hits a roadblock.

“Honestly, their response time is pretty good,” Mason enthusiastically noted. “Twenty minutes is totally worth it for a slice of Philadelphia’s finest.”

As soon as the pizza arrives, Mason is quick to drop a sizzling hot question straight from the latest problem set.

“So uhh… I’m confused on how to format this graph, and Canvas doesn’t seem to have any information? Any advice would be appreciated.” Mason asked the delivery man. “Thanks for dinner, by the way.”

With midterms looming on the horizon, it doesn’t seem like Mason is about to stop ordering her favorite homemade pies anytime soon.

“At this point, no one really has the heart to correct her,” Randy Watters (C ‘21) said, shaking his head.

“Heh, you chumps are still using pizza?” Mason scoffed. “I’ve switched over to this new up-and-coming place called &pizza… but you guys have probably never heard of it.”