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Helpful TA Wants to Inform You That "You Look Tired"


Photo from pxfuel / CC0

It was 9 a.m. when Karen floated into her TA Ryan's office hours. He had assigned three problem sets this week, including one that was on next week's lecture materials. So Karen wandered aimlessly into the DRL classroom, the weight of the world on her shoulders. She sat down with raspy breaths. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts. Finally, she said, "Hello. I have. Some questions. For you." Deep inhalations filled the gaps in her speech. It was only one moment later that that the magic words flew from her TA's lips. 

"You look so tired." 

With those four words, Karen's eyes illuminated with the light of a newborn star. The weight lifted from her shoulders and she was pulled up from her seat. She realized. She was. So tired? Never had a more true and helpful statement been uttered in the history of teachers' assistants.

Karen rose completely from her chair. "You are so correct," she stammered. She was glowing now. Her papers and other supplies lifted from the table and floated into her bag. Her coat lifted from the chair on its own and enveloped her. She was Cinderella, and Ryan her fairy godmother

"I have no further questions." said Karen. "Th-thank you." And with that, she danced from the room and onto the rest of her day a beautiful, strong, empowered woman. Surely, we must thank this valiant hometown hero for reminding Karen that the bags under her eyes could carry all of her textbooks at once.