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The Louvre Didn't Burn Down, but This Is the Picture I Would Post If It Did


Photo by Julie Coleman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Louvre — the treasured largest art museum in the world — has not burned down. But if it were to burn down, I would post the above picture on my Instagram. The Louvre is a must-see for anyone who visits Paris, and I spent a lovely weekend in Paris when I studied abroad in Europe. Because of this, the Louvre burning down would affect me personally.

It would be tragic if iconic works like the Mona Lisa and La Liberté guidant le people were scorched and never to be seen again — so tragic that I would have to post this picture of me where I look great! Nothing would better express how sad I would be than sharing this photo of me where multiple people have told me I look like a model.

Some might say it would be inappropriate for me to post a picture like this in the aftermath of a heartbreaking event where thousands of priceless artworks have been permanently destroyed, but I can’t control that I happened to look really hot the day I visited the Louvre. And it would be unbecoming to ask anyone not to make an event like that about themselves.

I wouldn’t want to make the Louvre burning about me — but it kind of is about me if you think about it. Like I was there and now it’s gone — hypothetically. Not everyone can say that.