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Here Is the Midterm Review Without Solutions Because Fuck You


Photo by Steven S / CC BY 2.0

As the midterm for MATH 101 approaches, diligent TA Eliot Rosewater has posted a packet of optional, creditless review questions to the course's Canvas page. At a massive seventy-five questions, it is the longest review packet yet.

“I enjoy writing questions,” Rosewater said. “I just write them. Questions and questions and questions. I write so many questions. You think I have time to make solutions too? You’re crazy.”

A number of the students who paranoidly check Canvas have already downloaded the pack and begun work on the packet.

“I’m so screwed for this math midterm,” said panicked Engineering freshman George Milton. “Thank goodness Eliot posted this midterm review packet.”

However, after completing the packet, Milton realized that there were no solutions posted on Canvas

“It scared me,” said Milton. “I promptly emailed Eliot to see if there were solutions so I could make sure I was learning the course content and doing the problems correctly.”

Eliot’s response was as follows: “I don’t have solutions for the packet. I want to prevent cheaters from copying and cheating on this optional, creditless review packet. Have a nice day, and go fuck yourself.”