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Online Classes Huge Victory for Anti-Pants Community


Photo by Alper Çuğun / CC BY 2.0

Though many Penn students are understandably upset by the University's decision to shift entirely to online classes, one community of Penn students has seen a bright side to the COVID-19 virus. Numerous Undergrads Decrying wEaring-pants (NUDE) put out an official statement delineating their position on the crisis: 

"This crisis has been a major victory for the anti-pants community. No longer will we be forced to contain our legs and other bits in the cloth prisons that society has forced upon us. No longer will we be crushed under the tyrannical fist of Big Pants."

After this remark was met with controversy for seemingly celebrating a public health crisis, NUDE clarified its position on the coronavirus by calling it a "net negative." "The pants thing is pretty cool though," they said.