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TA's Scholarly Work in Urban Housing Serving Her Well as Glorified 'Apple Genius' For Elderly Professor


Photo by UC Davis / CC BY 2.0

Doctoral candidate in Political Science and regional expert on equitable urban housing, Jamie Fernandez, is putting her knowledge to good use, serving as a glorified "Apple Genius" for Professor James Thompson, the 75-year-old man teaching PSCI 246: Introduction to Urban Policy.

Over the course of the term, Fernandez has been able to apply her 280-page dissertation by turning on the projector, connecting laptops to the projector, and explaining other details of the projector to Professor Thompson.

“She’s a bright young kid,” said Professor Thompson of the 32-year-old mother who has dedicated the entirety of her recent past to understanding the deep racial injustice within our urban housing systems. “She really knows how to work that YouTube!”