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Zoinks! Airpods Already Out of Battery

Photo by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Ugh! After just two short hours of chatting with Ben from ZBT over House Party, Beverley McDaniel’s Airpods are already out of battery. 

Despite leaving them in her charging case for thirty-four minutes prior, her milky white listening devices have failed her. During this battery shortage, the biggest thing in McDaniel’s life right now, she has resorted to the use of her older but still functional wired headphones. 

“This is just so not fair,” said McDaniel, “these headphones limit my mobility when trying to pace around my room and change from sitting at my desk to sitting on my floor.”

McDaniel is not the only one negatively affected by the ear plugins’ loss of power. When pressed for a response, Ben from ZBT said he felt that “this could not be less of a deal, but if UTB needs a quote here than here you go."