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Dad Buys 9-cubic Feet Freezer and Potatoes 'Just in Case'


Photo by CDC / CC0

 Upon returning home from campus, Franny Glass (W '22) was surprised to see a massive cardboard box on her porch.

“What’s this?” she asked her father.

“Oh, it’s another freezer,” he said. “Just in case this whole situation gets worse, we'll have a place to store food.”

She was skeptical, but didn’t think too much about it, and went to unpack her bags. 

The next day, Glass was sitting at the kitchen table when her dad shuffled through the kitchen towing a 40 pound sack of potatoes. He sensed his daughter's strange look, and told her, “If we run out of food we’ll have this, just in case.”

The next week, Glass decided to go outside for a walk as her dad drove into the driveway. He hopped out of the car. He had something slung over his shoulder. 

“Don’t go outside,” he told Glass, corralling her back into the house. “It’s too dangerous.”

Glass pointed to the thing slung over her dad’s shoulder.

“Oh yeah,” he responded. “I also bought this AK-47. Just in case, you know.”