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OP-ED: Here’s How Tulsi Can Still Win


Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

We all know that the big news on the election front recently was that Bernie Sanders dropped out. But to be honest, I never saw Sanders as the main challenger to Joe Biden. From the start, I was pretty certain that Tulsi Gabbard was gonna be our girl. Now I know that Tulsi dropped out a while back, but I’m pretty sure that whole “dropping out” thing was a fakeout. Let’s look at the math.

You need 1,991 delegates to become the nominee. Joe Biden has 1,228 delegates right now, so he needs 763 more. Tulsi Gabbard has 2 delegates right now, so she needs 1,989 more. There are only 1,569 delegates left, which means that Tulsi can’t get the necessary 1,991 delegates to become the nominee. However, assuming Tulsi wins every one of the remaining states, her delegate total will go up to 1,571 to Joe Biden’s 1,228. This will lead to a contested convention, in which the superdelegates will be able to vote. I have full confidence that in this case the superdelegates will make the right choice and put their trust in the true hero of the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard.

Now, as a political scientist, I tend to steer away from making concrete predictions. But in this special case, I feel quite comfortable predicting with 100% certainty that Tulsi will be the Democratic nominee.