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Beautiful! With Humans Staying Home, Forests of Leg Hair Return to Their Natural States


Photo by CC0 Community / CC0

In times like this, it's easy to think the world is an ugly place. Luckily, Mother Nature doesn't Agree! With humans cooped up indoors, pollution has decreased, animals are free to roam, and heirloom Quaker oats have even been sprouting through the bricks on Locust Walk.

Even as children of nature herself, we often forget that we are animals. Ironically, though we are more domestic than ever during the lockdown, we have finally given our bodies permission to return to the wild. 

According to the Undergraduate Assembly's COVID-19 report, since entering quarantine, Penn students have collectively grown over 17 hectares of lush hair forest on our legs. The fecundity of our follicles has reminded humans everywhere that nature needs patience and nonintervention to thrive into something truly beautiful. 

As I sit on my porch, feeling the spring breeze tug gently at my soft, dense pelt, it is clear to me: we are the real virus.