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OP-ED: My Room is Better Because I Have LEDs


Photo by Darrion Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

They flash. They fade. They can turn on. They can turn off. I can choose from 20 different colors. 

Feeling down? Turn them blue. Want to have a rave in your tiny dorm room, or in search of an epileptic seizure? Click the flash button. Seeking attention because nobody is friends with you? Flash SOS in Morse code. The possibilities are endless. 

They cast a joyful glow of light-hearted warmth across the room while I stare at my solid white computer screen. Fuck, I forgot a semi-colon. At least I have the warmth of my LEDs. 

These nifty little light emitting diodes are better than your incandescent or fluorescent or halogens. Not only are your room lights not as fun as mine, but they also are contributing to the energy crisis. You power hog, how do you feel about that?

You can even see the lights from outside, as you are walking into the dorm building. Look at them go. Look at how the bright, rejuvenating lights flash, in contrast with the drab, grey brick building. Take a step back. Everyone else’s rooms have boring yellow or white lights. No character. No personality. Just conformity. They form a lattice of conformist white and yellow windows on the wall of the building. And then there’s my room. Bright. The only star in the sky.

You should get LEDs for your room.