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OP-ED: I Shaved a Slit in My Eyebrow Because I’m Doing Super Great and Feeling Super Awesome


Photo by Danny Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian

That’s right! I shaved a slit in my eyebrow, and I look great!

This was not a desperate attempt at control – it was just a simple aesthetic choice. I was just feeling so awesome about myself and I thought what better way to let everyone know that than by making a dramatic change to my appearance.

It was the perfect time of year to make this highly visible and semi-permanent change to my appearance. Any hiring officer I will meet in the numerous job interviews I have coming up will immediately be able to tell how well-adjusted and professional I am.

I think I might bleach my hair next. Nothing says doing well like bone dry, crackling, and dead-at-the-ends hair.

So when you see my happy and cheerful face with coming down Locust – don’t be intimidated by my super cool and edgy eyebrow slit. It’s just a sign of how great things are going for me!