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Uh Oh! TA Now Twitch Streaming Recitations, Wants to Know "What's up, Gamers"


Photo by Lyncconf Games / CC BY 2.0

After years of oppression, proud gamer and CIS 120 TA Randal Owens has decided to break free of his chains. While many see quarantine as a robbery of opportunity and an exacerbator of disparities, Owens sees the move to online classes as a great equalizer. Universal online school has provided Owens with an opportunity which he has been unjustly denied him for far too long: the opportunity to Twitch stream recitations. 

Said Owens, "I don't understand how a "PowerPoint" discussing "topics from the class" is any more helpful for my students than a video of me surfing in CS:GO." Students from the class were willing to confirm that Owens conveys roughly as much useful information during his Twitch rants on Belle Delphine as he ever did during a regular recitation. 

Said one student, Cara Lively (C '21), "If I'd known my TA was a simp, I would have shown him my TikTok. Maybe then I wouldn't have a C in this class." Said another student, Sunni Jones (C '23), "He might be ass at Fortnite, but at least when he's playing it during recitation he doesn't notice that I'm playing it too."