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Anti-Quarantine Protests: Finally, A Social Movement We Can All Get Behind


Photo (with edits) from Piqsels / CC0 and Burke & Atwell / CC0

The civil rights movement. The women’s suffrage movement. The movement for LGBTQ+ rights. What do these all have in common? They were complete fucking wastes of time.

The worst examples of American fragility, some might say. Who did these movements even benefit? Literally no one. This is why it’s such an encouraging change of pace to see Americans coming together in a movement that will actually help people for once.

I’ll break down the developments. Some people in various states around the country were like, this quarantine thing sucks. I want to be able to buy grass seed and go to my third home. I miss the everyday freedoms like yelling offensive things at women on the street. And we all get it — every one of us misses those things too. But only the most exceptional of us were courageous enough to get up and make a difference.

These people are so brave, going out maskless and congregating together to fight for what’s right. Is it likely that many of them will get sick? It sure is. Will they overwhelm the healthcare system to the point that they may be taking the place of essential workers who were exposed to the virus while trying to save other people’s lives? Probably! Will the COVID-19 crisis get worse and impact the entire world because some people couldn’t fathom that for one time in their life something is just not about them? Most definitely!

But this type of perseverance is what makes America great. Not the perseverance of protestors in the past who faced violence and arrest in their quest to bring basic human rights to a group of people. But the perseverance of protestors who put their lives on the line because they are too stupid to understand what’s happening. These people, they are the real heroes.