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Goodbye Hot Girl Summer, Hello Pasty Girl Spring


Photo By James Blume / The Daily Pennsylvanian

When Meg introduced Hot Girl Summer, we all loved it. We loved posting cute photos of ourselves on Instagram and the attention we’d receive as a result. But 2019 is over. It is time to say goodbye to Hot Girl Summer and hello to Pasty Girl Spring.  

Pasty Girl Spring can be just as sexy as that cute beach selfie or that photo of you twerking. For example, you can post a selfie of you with a Zoom background of a beach, or you can ask your mom to help find that perfect angle of you twerking in your childhood bedroom that you live in again. In Pasty Girl Spring, you can show off how great your skin can be when you have a proper routine and never let the sun touch your face (sunlight just causes wrinkles anyway).  

Pasty Girl Spring is the perfect time to show how sexy and dangerous a girl like you can be, while still staying safe in quarantine. Try wearing a revealing face mask that displays a little cheek skin or slightly less baggy sweatpants. But remember no matter how much fun you’re having with Pasty Girl Spring, never give up that Pasty Girl Spring attitude.