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Junior 'Travels the World' by Varying Sleep Schedule


Photo by Mislav Marohnić / CC BY 2.0

 Refusing to let the global shutdown destroy her aspirations for world travel, Wharton junior Dolores Park has found a new way to travel the world.

“I was so excited for summer,” said Park. “ I was going to travel around the world to search for my soul and cocaine and to burn my parents’ money.” 

Her world trip would have included all continents of the world: North America, Europe, and Australia, with stops in a diverse group of countries, like Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. 

However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Park found herself stranded in her Manhattan apartment, unable to fulfill her dream of world travel.

“I was so disappointed!” exclaimed Park. “Now I have to spend my time hanging out in my rooftop pool, browsing and shopping on my top-of-the-line MacBook. It just doesn't compare.”

Park then realized that she could still simulate world travel just by altering her sleep schedule. 

“By going to bed later and later, I was pretty much just continuously traveling around the world in terms of time zones,” said Park. “Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in Fiji by going to bed at 6 am.”

“Next week, I’ll travel to Japan by binge-watching anime on a completely inverted sleep schedule,” said Park. “I’ll go to bed at 9 am, which is pretty much the same as being in Japan.”