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Senior Wants to 'Travel the World' as Long as That World is Within Western Europe


Photo By Charles Clegg / CC BY-SA 2.0

“I just feel like I have a wandering spirit. I can’t be tied down.” 

College senior Tracy Thompson has always wanted to travel the world. When she was a little girl, her parents took her on vacations to “off the beaten path” destinations such as Ibiza and London. From then on, her passion for traveling the entire world was sparked, and she plans to use the year after graduation to further her transition into a “global citizen.” 

“I just want to explore the horizons of our shared Earth—as long as those horizons are safely within the developed regions of Western Europe. I can’t wait to go to some unfrequented places like Madrid or Edinburgh. I might even go somewhere really obscure, like Rome or—and I know it sounds a little bit crazy—Prague!”

While on her international tour, Thompson will be updating her daily vlog, Tracy's Travels, which has 100K followers on Instagram. On her most recent video, she laid out her plans for shopping while on her travels. She plans to “rough it” by buying some authentic souvenirs from local luxury stores.

“I just love supporting local women-owned businesses, like this boutique called Versace. I love helping small businesses get off the ground!” 

In these locations, Thompson will be staying in one of her family’s 17 European villas or a luxury hotel suite and will, of course, have her personal staff of 17 maidservants, personal butler, and her mobile dry-cleaning service. 

Happy travels, Tracy!