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After Grueling Day of Watching Netflix, Student Is Ready to Finally Unwind


Photo by Stock Catalog / CC BY 2.0

 It’s been over two weeks since finals ended for Penn students and while many have taken this time to catch up on some sleep undisturbed by econ exam nightmares, others, such as Wharton sophomore Kayla Mitchell, have decided not to waste any of their new free time. Kayla has recently decided to take on the difficult task of watching the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix

While it is certainly no easy feat, she has confidence that it can be done in a matter of two days. Kayla’s schedule has been meticulously planned to allow for maximum viewing time. She has cut down to two meals each day and bathroom breaks may be no longer than three minutes at a time every four hours. As soon as one episode finishes, the next one must begin playing. No breaks. No fun. Pure grind. Those working the typical nine to five job cannot compare to the superhuman powers possessed by her.

“I know people might think that this is easy. They probably hear this and laugh at the idea of someone considering this difficult work,” remarks Kayla when interviewed at the end of day one. “But they are seriously underestimating the mental and physical toll that having to live through an entire story arc that quickly has on a person. I suggest anyone who mocks me to just try to do what I’m doing. It’s not as easy as it looks”. 

When asked what she plans to do now that she has gotten through the first 12 hours of the series, Kayla responded that she cannot wait to finally relax a little bit. “It’s been a rough first day, not gonna lie. I’m not sure how I’ll make it through tomorrow but I think all I need is to recharge my batteries a bit.” And with that, she headed off to sit in the living room and watch The Office for the fourth time this year.