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Report: HSOC Major up to Pack of Cigs a Week


Photo by Free Photos / 9091 Images / CC0

Multiple reports have come in that Carla Jameson (C ‘22) is now smoking a full pack of cigarettes a week. While it is true that she is majoring in Health and Societies, and therefore studying the intersection of health and medicine in a social context, she has applied exactly none of that knowledge to her own life.

Jameson has been spotted inhaling that sweet, sweet nicotine outside of Van Pelt, in multiple frat basements, and walking down Locust to her Comparative Medicine class.  

“I love how interdisciplinary HSOC is because it really gives me a holistic understanding of health,” Jameson said after a long drag. “It’s honestly crazy how much social structures influence health decisions. Like, did you know cigarette companies advertise in low-income areas? It’s disgusting.”

While other HSOC majors use their knowledge to combat the opioid epidemic or work in underserved community health centers around the globe, Jameson is content to just be really, really, really aware of the consequences of her own actions. 

When asked to explain why she smokes cigarettes despite concentrating in Public Health, Jameson was quick to explain it was only to keep from hitting her Juul.