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After Trending #Disneyisoverparty Hashtag, Twitter Successfully Cancels Disney


Photo (with edits) by Richard Stephenson / CC BY 2.0

Everyone on Twitter knows about the frequent #(something)isoverparty hashtags. People tweet for a few hours or so, then the hashtag runs out of steam and fizzles out, then the next #(something)isoverparty starts trending. However, for the first time in history, one of these hashtags actually worked and thousands of ordinary people have finally got the change they deserve. 

When I woke up to see #Disneyisoverparty on Twitter, I thought to myself, "No way! Surely it would take more than some angry Twitter users to end a billion-dollar corporation." But this is America, fellas. This, not Disney, is the land where dreams come true. 

As soon as the first #Disneyisoverparty Tweet hit Twitter, Cinderella's magic castle started to crumble. The ground began to shake. Splash Mountain leaked, spilling the filthy combination of water, chemicals, and human sweat into the park. But the real indicator that Disney was officially over was when the iconic statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse split in half and fell to the ground, shattering to pieces.

But the widespread end of Disney has affected more than the Disney parks. Reports have come in across the country that Disney+, Disney Channel, and Disney XD are all down. It seems that the entire broadcasting studio has burned down, preventing streaming for at least a year.

Alarmingly, reports have come in indicating that all Disney DVDs have cracked at the same time. The end of Disney has been dangerous, Disney toys and books combust at random, erasing any trace of Disney left in this world. Parents are encouraged to remove any Disney-themed objects from their children's rooms. 

While Twitter users rejoice in their newfound power to utterly destroy large companies, some people, especially parents, are worried. "Please, bring Disney back! My daughter only sleeps if we can watch Sofia the First!" begged one mother crying while holding the remains of what might have once been an Elsa Barbie. At press time, Twitter users were in a committee meeting attempting to determine whether or not they should use their godlike power to destroy oatmeal raisin cookies.