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The United Yets of America: Here's How Kanye Can Win in 2020


Photo by rodrigoferrari / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

With just four months to go until the general election in November, musical genius Kanye West has announced his campaign for president of the United States. According to an FEC spokesperson, Kanye has filed none of the paperwork required to declare candidacy or gain ballot access. So, can Kanye really make it to the Oval Office in 2020? Let's look at the math. 

Trump is already the Republican candidate for the 2020 election, and with Biden the presumed nominee for the Democratic party, it seems impossible for Kanye to pull ahead as a major party candidate. Lucky for us, Kanye (being the genius that he is) has created his own party: the Birthday Party. As the only candidate running for this new party's nomination, it is incredibly likely that Kanye will win the party's nomination. Moreover, Kanye is the sole member of the Birthday Party, giving him majority (if not complete) control over the party's nomination process. Once Kanye fills out the paperwork to become a political party through the FEC, he will basically be in the clear. 

Of course, the last step in the road to the Oval Office is being elected. As of July 13, Joe Biden has 198 electoral college votes and is expected to win 110 more for a total of 270. Trump has secured 115, and is expected to win 17 more for a total of 132. This leaves 98 toss-up votes. Based on these "statistics," most polls predict that either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win in 2020. However, these polls actually do not take into account Kayne's political campaign at all. This is their fatal flaw. 

Assuming Kanye wins every toss-up vote, every Democratic-leaning vote, and every Republican-leaning vote, he will have secured a total of 225 votes, easily beating out both Biden and Trump. And with strong, politically-relevant backers from notable lawyer Kim Kardashian-West and rich white man Elon Musk, I am comfortable predicting that Kanye will win the presidency come November.