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Yale Kicked Out Sophomores for the Fall, Can Penn Kick Out Professors for the Fall?


Photo by Daderot / CC Public Domain

 As outlined in a recent announcement by Yale University, Yale sophomores will not be allowed to return to campus during the fall 2020 semester. The decision was made to decrease student density on campus and thus lower the spread of COVID-19. However, classes will be held online for all students. 

In reaction to Yale’s decision, many Penn students have proposed a similar plan for Penn.

“Our large-brain idea is similar to Yale’s plan,” said Wharton junior Unk Salmon. “However, instead of kicking out sophomore students, Penn should kick out all professors.”

Salmon’s plan also aims to decrease on-campus human density while not compromising student life

“Professors were already going to deliver their lectures online anyway,” said Salmon. “So why not have them stay home so they can be closer to their children, pets, and loved ones?”

Salmon’s plan has received praise from other Penn students.

“I think the plan is great,” said College senior Malachi Constant. “Professors can stay home and be closer to family, while all students can be on campus and party-I mean, study together.”